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Various Russian Nesting Dolls (aka: Matryoshka or Babushka Doll) ~ Part 02

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Lonely Tonight…

I’m feeling very alone. I keep reaching out to supposed friends through Facebook, email, or via text. Only to sadly experience rejection.

A lot of people ask me for advice on various Spiritual/New Age topics. How do I get rid of the ghost in my house that’s tormenting me? Or…I have this deep sense of dread about finances, money, abundance, and prosperity. What can I do to change it?

I then spend an hour or two writing down some rituals and suggestions. I’ll come up with unique spells and manifestations specifically designed for that person. I’ll take out my oracle decks and throw a dozen cards or more. I write up pages and pages of explanations.

I hit send! The information is magically whisked away to their intended recipient. Then there is silence. Crickets chirp. Often without a thank you. Or even any acknowledgment. Not even a -

"Dude…. Fuck off you psycho! There’s no way I’m going to offer Nature a bowl of fruit in the woods in order to ask the Fairies to be present in my life."

It’s just nothing. Maybe the text didn’t get through. I’ll send it as a pm on Facebook. No response? I’ll also send them an email. Nothing? Maybe I’ll post it on their FB wall. Silence still.

I often have such low self-esteem and feelings of poor self-worth that I over-compensate by wanting to do or give almost ANYTHING to make others happy. I go out of my way to let people know that I’m there for them, no matter what. I’ll answer my phone at 3:30 AM when you call while you’re deep inside of a panic attack about that recent health scare or that really disturbing nightmare. It doesn’t matter if you’re an ex-wife or somebody I’ve only known online.

I remind them. I let them know that I’d love to hang out. I’m available to see that movie. I’d be available to help cleanse the negative energy from your home. I’d love to meet your dying Mother THIS weekend and share some of the amazing stuff I visually see (Angels, Light Beings, Spirits) at a funeral.

One of my core spiritual principles is to be of service to others. To help them illuminate their path and journey. I’ll give my time, my energy, my gifts, even my physical stuff just to make you happy, to bring you joy. To help you experience unconditional love and understanding.

I’ll continue to give. I’ll continue to share. I’ll answer those questions. I’ll try to give you any support you need. I just never thought I would feel this unhappy and lonely doing it.

Primary of Threes

"Nature contains billions of colors. The light spectrum contains colors and waves that we can’t even see. Some that require expensive finely tuned equipment in order to even slightly detect. Some of it gives life. Allowing plants to convert colors to energy. Energy to food. Food to oxygen. Oxygen for us to breath. Billions of colors. Fill your Aura with this palette. Fill your life with these waves of short and long. Billions of colors blended from a primary of three. Just waiting, asking, begging for you to play." - Nemrel

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