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Before The Migraine

Various depictions of what visual migraine ‘auras’ look like. For migraine sufferers these visual disturbances start a few minutes to a few hours before an attack hits. For some this early warning system can help them to take medication faster to abort/combat a migraine attack.

Not everyone gets visual disturbances before migraine attacks or even before every attack. Some individuals get weird tastes in the mouths or start smelling stuff. Some experience vertigo and dizziness before a migraine. Lastly some individuals have no aura-like sensation. I’ve even hard migraine aura symptoms that actually were not followed by a headache.

The visual disturbances are hard to explain to individuals who have never had one. Some experience bright flashes in their peripheral vision. Some see distinct shapes or colors. When they start for me it usually starts as bright flashes or sparkling lights, then shapes, and often they are followed by extreme difficulty seeing. Then my eyes become so sensitive to light that I need a dark room.


Anonymous asked:

You are such a fucking prick. How hard is it to credit the artists.


If I had artist names, I would do so more than willingly. But, like a lot of other people, we don’t have the time to scour the internet looking for them. If I see them, I put them up. If not, I don’t bother. Thanks.

I use Google Search By Image and to search for pictures sources. I then browse by date and find the first record of the image on the internet. This usually leads me to a DeviantArt site or a Tumblr post or Twitter post or a Blogger site.

Recently for Android I found 3 useful apps for doing image source searches easier.

MB Search For TinEye (free) -

Google Search By Image Image (free/pro) -

PicFinder (free) -

I must admit though that I do suffer from laziness when it comes to doing these searches. I do go back to my highest reblogged images and find sources and edit posts when possible.

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