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Various covers of two men’s magazines: Man To Man and Man’s Life.

They belong to a genre of Men’s Adventure Magazine popular during the 1950’s to 1960’s. These are considered the last true pulp magazine.

These magazines catered to the ‘stereotypical’ male audience. Most featured glamour photography and the sordid tales of the adventures of worldly men. Most often these pulp magazines depicted wartime feats of courage/daring, tales of exotic travel, conflicts with nature/wild animals, and they usually featured a crazy tale involving torture &/or rape of women.

Almost all of the covers depicted men fighting wild beasts (like beaver?) or scantily clad women in various situations - usually being tortured by Nazis or Commies.

The table of contents usually declared that each story was 100% real and in fact a lot of the wartime stories (that didn’t feature Nazis raping women) were in true stories of famous battles or the heroic stories of soldiers during various American wars.

At the height of circulation and popularity, in the late 1950’s, there were about 130 magazine titles. The Male Pulp Adventure Genre lost its appeal as pornographic magazines like Playboy offered a more vivid depiction of the naked female form. Playboy didn’t have the need for cover art/stories depicting rape, violence, and torture of women.

Did You Know?: The title of Frank Zappa’s album, Weasels Ripped My Flesh, was taken from the cover of the September 1956 Man’s Life Magazine.

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